Dry Needling

I attended Yaeli’s clinic with pain in my neck and shoulder. After just one session of dry needling I left pain free with lasting results. It comes down to extensive care, expertise, reassuringly safe hands!
~ Susie Murry, Yoga & Pilates teacher

Dry needling is a scientifically proven approach to the treatment of trigger points and helping with pain management.

Trigger points are knots of tight tissue that are tender to touch causing pain and dysfunction. In combination with other soft tissue therapies and mobilisation, dry needling can be a very effective tool to deactivate stubborn trigger points and restore optimal joint mobility. Dry needling can result in:

• Reduced pain
• Reduced in-take of pain relieving medication
• Reduced swelling
• Increased ease of mobility

In a treatment, very thin needles are inserted into “knotted areas” to relieve nerve entrapment and eliminate pain in both acute and chronic cases. It is minimally invasive and carries a low risk. The biochemical function of the treatment helps improve the micro-circulation and blood flow throughout the targeted areas, which in turn increases oxygenation of the tissues. This helps flush toxins and other accumulated waste chemicals from the tissues improving their overall function.

Dry needling should not be confused with Acupuncture, which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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