Sports Injury & Orthopaedic Therapy

Yaeli, is one of the more talented bodyworkers in Dublin. She combines a solid understanding of physiology with the craft of hands on therapy. I definitely recommend her.
~Emmet Louis, Open Source Movement

After a full postural assessment, clients can expect a comprehensive hands-on treatment to alleviate pain and support injury recovery. I apply osteopathic techniques, myofascial release and trigger point therapies as effective soft tissue treatments. The therapy continues outside the sessions with prescribed rehab exercises to be completed at home.

In my years of clinical experience I’ve successfully treated;

• Athletes presenting with acute or chronic injuries
• Office workers with back aches and neck pains
• Pregnant persons
• Individuals dealing with chronic neuromuscular and skeletal disorders

Some of the conditions that present in my clinic include:

• Spinal disorders including disc degeneration and herniation
• Sciatica
• Headaches / Migraines
• Osteoarthritis / Spondylosis
• Spinal Stenosis
• Arthritis
• Rotator Cuff Injuries
• Frozen shoulder
• Tendonitis and Tendonopathy
• Bursitis
• Tennis Elbow / Golf Elbow
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Knee injuries including meniscus tears and ACL strains

Addressing both postural and pain related issues, I work with clients to develop achievable strategies toward healing injuries and resolving chronic mobility restrictions.

I am a registered member of The Irish Institute of Physical Therapy. Treatments are usually covered by VHI, Laya, Aviva and all other major private health insurance providers. Coverage may vary depending on your plan and your insurance company, therefore, please check your provider and policy to see how much they will reimburse and the amount of visits they may cover prior to your treatment.

To book a treatment contact me on 083 4619007 or email