Yoga Anatomy

“The lack of information about the human body in our years of education is startling since it is our home for our entire lifetime” ~Andrea Olsen

Understanding anatomy of the moving body as a yoga teacher can be of paramount importance. Being at the front of a yoga class also means being at the front lines of health care. It is both a gift and a big responsibility. Knowing HOW and WHY the body moves as it does, is an invaluable tool in your practice, allowing you to be safe and confident with whom ever you teach.

However, sitting at a desk learning list of bony landmarks, memorising origin and insertion points of muscles and their actions can be overwhelming and disconnecting for many. My focus in these workshops is to learn anatomy through osmosis of movement. We first verbally and visually explore our skeletal and soft tissue systems then apply this language to movement and our tactile experiences. Through embodied conversations we learn the language and make up of our anatomy.

I presently teach the anatomy modules on The Elbow Rooms 200hr YTT and will be teaching along side Kitty Maguire on Reformation’s upcoming 50hr Yin Teacher Training in March 2020.

For information about private and group movement anatomy trainings
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