Any body can do yoga, but no body is designed to do yoga like any other body.

For me, yoga asana is a healing movement practice. It’s a time and space we gift ourselves to develop deep intuitive knowledge about our bodies, and how to most comfortably inhabit them.

Yin & Restorative Yoga
This practice explores the movement that happens through stillness. Removing grey noise, dropping stories, negative self talk, can’ts, shoulds, to-dos and then ssssshhhh… The focus is on satisfying gravity – dropping that which doesn’t serve us, physically and mentally – so that we create space for more skillful movement and clearer thinking. I use props and therapy balls to help inform us of the movement behind the stillness and assist with the softening into gravity.

Vinyasa Yoga
These classes are dynamic and vibrant. The focus is on quality of movement and simply feeling good! Having strength, while being sensitive enough to efficiently use this power are the key ingredients to intelligent, purposeful flows. Incorporating conscious, consistent and fluid breath makes it a moving meditation. This is a sweaty one and pure gold for your health and happiness.

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